Picking for a Purpose

The Western Mulga Aboriginal Rangers have been hard at work picking seed for future propagation and rehabilitation purposes.

Seed collection and replanting is integral to restoration of damaged ecosystems. Seed from multiple species have been collected across sites in the Midwest by Western Mulga for future projects across the Northern Agricultural Region.

Some of the seeds collected so far have included Eucalyptus sp, Acacia sp and other local provenance plants.

Aboriginal rangers find great pride in these landcare practices.  Picking and then propagating seeds for future activities which support the rejuvenation of country enables Aboriginal rangers to restrengthen their connection to country.

Western Mulga rangers have been through the entire process with these seeds, from collection to cleaning, storing, treating, propogating, growing and replanting the seed back into country.

The team has planted well over 100,000 plants, propagated over 50,000 and will continue to collect for future generations. At the same time, this ranger team takes the opportunity to teach future generations about seed collection and country.

Taj Mamid – Aboriginal Administration Trainee

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