Photowhat..? Photomon!

Photomon is a photo-monitoring smartphone app designed for recording and ‘databasing’ environmental change over time. It’s a great tool to support natural resource management projects, simplifying monitoring efforts whilst improving the quality of results.

For those of you who might have missed it, Photomon is a smartphone application for photo monitoring. It combines a smart device app and back-end database that improves the quality of data collected by environmental photo-monitoring programs.

The app’s easy to use interface has made it an ideal community engagement tool in the NRM space and provides an ideal platform for community groups and individuals to get directly involved in monitoring. The service was developed in 2013 and over the past six years it has been a growing tool for the NACC team and broader community.

The latest upgrade to the app and database has been completed and this version is available for download. The most noticeable difference from previous versions is the new home screen which is an interactive map, making it easier than ever to locate sites and projects. On the database side of things, all photos exported out of Photomon now have metadata attached.

We would like to remind current users to delete the old version of Photomon, and upload the new version before trying out the upgrade. The latest version is now available from the App Store and Google Play Store.

NACC is offering access to Photomon Services on a subscription basis and depending on how many photos you upload, this could be for as little as $300 biennially. This cost provides subscribers access to the Photomon database, technical support to establish and maintain projects, and app and database upgrades and improvements to optimise functionality.

We are pleased to be offering a free three month trial subscription. If you have projects that would benefit from high quality photo monitoring then please get in contact with us.

For more information, please contact Annabelle (E) or (P) 9938 0100

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