Environmental photo-monitoring smartphone app
Photo-monitoring is an effective way to document environmental change over time, thereby providing historical information to aid decision-making by resource managers.


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photomon iconPhotomon is a smartphone application that has been designed to improve the quality of data collected by environmental photo-monitoring programs. The app has been developed by the NACC with funding from the WA Department of Planning’s Coastwest Grants Program and WA’s State NRM Program’s Community Capability Grants. You can download the app by clicking below, or if you already have an account, you can log in by clicking here. 

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One of the simplest and unambiguous ways to detect environmental change is by taking regular photos of exactly the same place over time. Photo-monitoring can be used to document change for a wide range of studies; from seasonal growth of algae in a rock pool to the effects of grazing on vegetation over a broad, sweeping landscape.

Photomon incorporates features aimed at simplifying the photo-monitoring process and increasing its accuracy. Extensive testing shows the app addresses many of the issues arising from the use of digital cameras for photo-monitoring. It is also useful for streamlining processes for volunteers and managers.

The app improves the quality of photo monitoring data by:

  • Overlayed transparent reference photos for consistent FOV’s;
  • Automatic labelling and uploading of monitoring photos using cellular network or wifi;
  • Allowing much program coordination to occur via the database,
  • Reminder function to prompt the next photo.

NACC is proud to announce the launch of Photomon Services which provides NRM organisations with access to Photomon’s photo storage database. The Service is available on a cost-recovery subscription basis and will increase the accuracy of photo-monitoring programs as well as save time.

For further information please get in touch with our Photomon guru Ella Neethling at or by calling (08) 9938 0100.