Photomon Services taking over the World

By now we’re sure that everyone has heard all NACC’s Photomon Services, but we’re wondering how many know about the app’s exciting new upgrades.

Photomon Services is a photo-monitoring smartphone app designed for recording and ‘databasing’ environmental change over time. Photomon is a great tool to support natural resource management (NRM) projects, simplifying monitoring efforts whilst improving the quality of results. The app’s easy-to-use interface has made it an ideal way for community groups and individuals to get directly involved in NRM. Since it was developed, Photomon has help groups and organisations monitor beach erosion/accretion, revegetation and weed control efforts, dune rehabilitation, and more.

With extensive feedback provided from existing Photomon users, upgrades have been incorporated into both the Photomon app and database, making the app even more user-friendly – with new features aimed at improving the accuracy and quality of the results.

Most significant amongst a range of updates and security fixes is the ability to establish new photo-monitoring sites and set a new ‘reference guide photo’ for those sites while still in the field using your phone. Previously these actions could only be undertaken by accessing the database via computer to manually set-up sites and guide photos.

NACC Photomon Services Project Officer Tegan Clarke said the new feature made it much easier for users to set-up new sites, and to upload ‘reference guide photos’ for those sites.

Photo: Establishing a new photo-monitoring site is easier than ever using the upgraded Photomon app.

Tegan said that NACC has been getting numerous enquiries about Photomon Services “not only from within Australia, but from organisations in Europe, USA and Africa,” she said, and urged anyone who has been thinking about using Photomon Services for your NRM monitoring to get in touch with her.

“We are offering free three-month trials, with a very affordable subscription rate thereafter,” she said. “So please let me know if you are interested.”

The latest version of Photomon are now available from the App Store and Google Play:

For more information, please contact Tegan Clarke (e) or (by phone on Tuesdays only) 08 99380126.

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