Photomon Services: Improving the way we monitor change

Natural Resource Management (NRM) photo-monitoring in the region (and beyond) is about to become more accessible and better with the recent launch of a new service called (wait for it) … Photomon Services.

Launched in 2013 by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), Photomon is a combined photo-monitoring smartphone app and database which effectively documents environmental changes over time.


Since its inception, approximately 10,500 photos have been uploaded to the database by more than 80 Photomon users. These photo records contain important information on coastal erosion, revegetation, weed control, and estuary water levels.

In a new development to the program, NACC is now able to offer other NRM groups and organisations access to this increasingly popular photo-monitoring tool, including access to the photo storage database. Project managers will be able to use the service to establish their own customised photo-monitoring program.

The new extension to the program and additional service and capacity is thanks to recent funding received by NACC from the West Australian Government’s State NRM Community Capability Grants Program and Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Recently-appointed NACC Photomon Services Project Officer Tegan Clarke said: “As we’ve seen since we launched the app some time ago, Photomon Services is the perfect, easily-accessible tool for coastal and land managers who are looking to develop their own environmental photo-monitoring programs.”

“By using the app in conjunction with the database, Photomon Services enables further simplicity and accuracy when monitoring environmental change.

“Photomon Services can greatly assist local practitioners and volunteers with their environmental monitoring projects, and I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in finding out more, or taking advantage of the service.”

For more information, please contact Tegan Clarke on or (by phone on Wednesdays only) 08 9938 0126.

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