Photomon code open for all

NACC has taken the next big leap of “digital” faith and is proud to announce the code for the unique Photomon resource is now publically available!

Photomon is a smartphone app created by NACC to help the community easily record environmental changes over time, through pictures taken on your mobile devices.

Thanks to GitHub,  the app code is now an open source (or, in other words, freely available to redistribute and modify) and is contributing to the pool of knowledge and tools available online, to benefit the wider community.

NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program Co-ordinator, Dr Mic Payne said: “the Photomon project has always had, as one of its objectives, the release of the Photomon source code under a GPL or general public license.”

Photomon Map

“This allows third parties to access the source code and make modifications to enable it to be connected to their own databases.

“This advancement will make the app available to all for the greater good of photo-monitoring everywhere.”

If you haven’t heard of GitHub, it is a code sharing and publishing service (a bit like a digital library), which acts as a central repository and allows users to copy the code onto their own system, make changes and then check-in the new version.

The service boasts a number of features which combine to encourage the sharing of this programming information. Rather than spending time and energy ‘re-inventing the wheel’, programmers can access GitHub to build on the Photomon concept and create their own tailored versions.

If re-programming Photomon to suit your own database is not your cup of tea, NACC can offer an alternative. In development is a service that will allow users to set-up their own photo-monitoring project and tap into NACC’s photo storage database. If you would like to know more about this service please contact Mic Payne

Find out more about Photomon, visit the NACC webpage, download the free Photomon app, or access the Photomon Repositories on GitHub to get started.

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