Perfect Day for a Pasture Drive-Thru

Earlier this month, NACC NRM’s RALF Annabelle and Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer Anna joined our friends at the West Midlands Group for their ‘Pasture Drive Thru’ event.

The event kicked off at Warradagee, where we met the enthusiastic group of landholders looking to learn more about perennial pastures, soil amelioration and establishing more sustainable pastures.

The drive through consisted of a convoy through various pastures in the region as part of the WMG’s pasture series.

Facilitated by Grant Bain from Green Grass Perennials, the group discussed with local farmers about strategies for developing more productive pastures and how they have adapted techniques to their own farm needs. Talking about different seeds, seeding methods and soil amelioration strategies.

Impressive strike rate in a paddock mix of rhodes grass (Chloris gayana), panic (Megathyrsus maximus) and kikuyu (Pennisetum clandestimun). This is a standard mix for this region.

Winter amelioration, cereal rye, buffelgrass and a range of other pasture trials were on show finishing off with a quick look at a centre pivot system.

The day was spent discussing local observations, successful management and knowledge sharing between growers.

Local farmers Sean and Ben Plozza of Plozza Plows were there to provide insight into soil amelioration and the benefits when combined with pasture seeding. The Plozza Plow is one way to deep plough non-wetting sandy textured soils by modifying and using old one-way ploughs with large custom discs to suit.

The benefits of perennials to increase ground cover reduces the risk of wind and water erosion and soil nutrient loss and assists in building soil. NACC NRM are fully subscribed for perennial incentives through our Growing Great Ground Project but still have incentives for native revegetation to increase on-farm biodiversity and ground cover – more information here.

A big thanks to the West Midlands Group for having us, and to Grant Bain and the team for facilitating a great day out in the field!

If you would like to know more about pastures, increasing groundcover and soil sustainability, please get in touch with our NACC RALF!

Annabelle Garratt – Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator

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