Perenjori: A home away from home

Tara Bradford has always been a jet-setter, but even after exploring the world, Perenjori is where she calls home.

“I have lived in Perenjori for the past eight years and have been working with NACC for seven of them,” Tara said.

“I am originally from County Mayo in the west of Ireland; this is where I lived for the majority of my life with my mum, dad and younger sister.

“I have always loved to travel and been to many parts of the world since my teenage years so Australia was a must for me.”

Tara with her two children Leila and Zach.
Tara with her two children Leila and Zach.

After school Tara left home and moved to Dublin where she studied and practiced to be a chef.

“I soon realised that this was not the profession for me and followed on with a degree in Leisure Management,” she said.

“I worked as a gym and aerobics instructor for four years until 2006, when I left Ireland to travel and arrived in Australia.

“After spending some time on the East coast I flew to Perth for a few days before coming to Perenjori to work as the cook in the local pub.”

After a few months of traveling Australia and South America Tara returned to Perenjori to start a new life.

“This is where I met my Perenjori-born husband Daniel,” she said.

“We got married in Ireland in 2010, had our daughter Leila in June 2011 and our Son Zach in December 2013.

“Living in Perenjori is not always easy especially being so far away from family, but I keep busy being involved in netball.

“I am a bit of a fitness fanatic and I love to cook too!

“As a family we love exploring our own farm and getting away to the coast. We are very lucky to live in a town full of great people and that our children get to grow up in such a great environment.”

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