#PeopleOfNRM – Tom Maina

There is no place like the bush…….

Those that have been around me for long enough appreciate my great love for the outdoors. How magical is it then to live, work and play in the Midwest of Western Australia. However any place in the land Down Under goes for me. There are lots of places in Oz on my bucket list.

And to quote from the national anthem: “Our home is girt by Sea, Our land abounds in nature’s gifts, Of beauty, rich and rare”.

Then who could not possibly want to go out and explore the sights, sounds and smells that the Aussie bush has to offer. Forget the 5-star rating of our Hotels, why not indulge in what I fondly refer to as Billion-Star accommodation and many a starry nights as I lay under canvas which I tend to do most of the time while on holidays. And one cannot overlook the sky show that is the Milky Way complete with the Emu, Southern Cross and lots more.

I indulge myself in this life together with my family including my three kids and the many friends together we marvel at the vast open spaces- on land and sea.

You begin to understand why I love to work for NACC as an organisation that works to protect the bush (my playground) and all the critters that come with it.

I have enjoyed camping all my life starting out as a young scout in Africa through to when I led our Wildlife Club in High School to visit some places like the Laikipia Nature Conservancy in those days managed as a private ranch.

And to quote from the biographical movie, “I dreamed of Africa” starring Kim Basinger and Daniel Craig to tell a true story of one of Africa’s great conservationists:


“Finally, all we can do is to let the days instruct us…

…and knowing what we love we can never lose.

There is no holding on in this world.

We came to this extraordinary place…

…and Africa let us lead extraordinary lives.

Then Africa claimed an extraordinary price.

That was Africa’s privilege.

And now it is my privilege to look after Africa herself “


I could happily substitute Australia for Africa above and the same could be said.

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