#PeopleOfNRM – Thomas Fleming

Our newest NACCer is Thomas, who joins our Corporate Services team as the Finance Officer!

Thomas grew up in Busselton and moved to Perth to pursue university, and worked there for a few years before moving to Geraldton this year!

Being new to the Northern Agricultural Region, Thomas says he is excited to see what the region has to offer, especially when it comes to camping and surfing spots.

“So far I’m loving that, like most regional areas, the people here are top notch,” says Thomas, about the change of pace from city life to country living.

Thomas says his interest in sustainability and caring for the land started out in Geography and Outdoor Education at school.

“Geography in particular was of interest to me as it mixed the need for sustainable practices as well as the realities of being in a competitive economic environment that has utilised non-renewable resources to prosper,” said Thomas.

“Hopefully through working at NACC, I will be able to explore the practical side of Natural Resource Management.”

Thomas also says he learned an appreciation of the natural environment growing up around pristine beaches, extraordinary birdlife, and daily trips through the Tuart Forrest on the way to school.

“My Dads side-hustle is Bee-keeping which meant any travels were accompanied by a running commentary of the types of trees in the area, which ones were flowering and which ones produced tasty honey.”

In his new role as Finance Offier, Thomas hopes to improve some of the processes and take the majority of the processes online reducing the need for physical records to be kept and saving some paper as a result.

“I think it is necessary for the sustainability effort to be economically feasible, so hopefully in the future, I can use my Accounting/Finance background coupled with knowledge gained from NACC to foster business development that has a positive impact on the natural environment”.

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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Welcome Thomas & I look forward to seeing the results of reducing the paper whilst maintaining financial diligence.

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