#PeopleOfNRM – Tara Bradford

Being from the small and very green island of Ireland, it was a massive change coming to this vast and extremely diverse country that is Australia.

In my 13 years since moving to Australia I have been lucky enough to have witnessed many of this countries different landscapes – from the lush rainforests of far North Queensland to the intense red dirt of Central Australia.

I also count myself incredibly lucky to live in WA’s Midwest and to be able to bring my two young children up in the Perenjori community.

Since having children, I think my consciousness of the environment has grown and even more so as they get older.

It brings me joy to see how concerned both my children are about such things as rubbish on our amazing beaches (or even in their own yard) or the lack of trees where trees once used to stand.

If we can continue to teach the children in our schools the importance of looking after our environment and making better everyday choices to help protect our planet then maybe we have a chance after all.

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Here Here Tara, our youth are such a wonderful legacy for future change

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