#PeopleOfNRM – Shannah Kanny

Our newest Sus Ag star Shannah Kanny is this month’s #PeopleOfNRM!

Shannah grew up in the Midwest and Murchison region. She spent her time between family farms in Walkaway and Eradu (producing wheat, canola, lupins, barley, beef cattle, merino sheep for wool and meat production) and family station in Yalgoo (merino sheep for wool and meat production).

This year Shannah joined the NACC team as the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator, and immediately hit the ground running, being involved in several Sus Ag events already!

Shannah has been involved in sustainable agriculture for the last four years and says she is excited to see how the industry evolves in the coming years.

“I worked as an R&D Technical Officer at Mingenew Irwin Group where I got an insight into the research and development involved within the agricultural sector,” said Shannah.

“I then went to work on a beef backgrounding property in Irwin for 3 years and while I was there, I learned a lot about sustainable and regenerative agriculture, the positive impacts that it has on our production system, and how we can incorporate it into our farming operations, whilst improving production.”

Shannah is currently studying her Diploma of Agricultural Business Management, and plans to further her knowledge in the future, hoping to study Agricultural Science!

She says one of the best parts about living in the Northern Agricultural Region is the diversity.

“There are vegetable producers, broad scale cropping producers, livestock producers and hundreds of kms of beautiful, pristine coastlines,” says Shannah.

“The station country is so close to us if we want to escape for the weekend.”

Shannah says going forward, she would love to see the adaption of sustainable agriculture to many more farmers in the region, whether it be cropping or livestock. Not only the adaption but increasing the general knowledge of sustainable agriculture within the region.

And when it comes to getting into the industry, she encourages everyone to get curious and ask more questions!

“We all have the same goal, and that’s to build a more suitable, and environmentally friendly farming practices,” Shannah says.

“You will find that pretty much everybody is super friendly and will provide you with the help and resources that you need to get started.”

“There is plenty of information out there, and plenty of people that are in the same boat, all we can encourage you to do is start!”

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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