#PeopleOfNRM – Priscilla Papertalk

It’s time to introduce you to one of our newest NACCers – Priscilla Papertalk!

I was born in Port Hedland but I call Geraldton My Home. I am a Coastal Mududthunerra, Yindjibarndi and Wadjarri girl.

I’m enjoying working with the other NACC programs; Coastcare, Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity, as we all have the same passion to preserve our beautiful country for the coming generations.

My connection to country is everything, and it was taught to me by my parents, elders and family members. My connection is strengthened through the history of ancestors, as I respect what they did for me and how they enforced ideals like respect and culture.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm and would tell everyone that Coalseam National Park was my back yard! When it was wildflower season, the colours would be so vibrant, especially during sunrise and sunset. I love being able to live in a place where the sea is on one side and the bushland is on the other side.

Here at NACC NRM, I am the Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator, which is a role that will see me networking in the community, referring my people to the Mid West Aboriginal Ranger Program as well as facilitating our rangers to have cultural exchanges with other Aboriginal ranger teams in the state.

With NAIDOC Week fast approaching, I helped to facilitate the NACC team getting involved with some Art Therapy with Miss Christine Collard.

I’m looking forward to a lot in this role. Going into schools and educating students on the work we do – maybe we will even have some passionate future NACCers in these groups! I also look forward to helping my colleagues where I can, and meeting Elders who know my grandparents.

Priscilla Papertalk – Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator

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