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This month, it’s time to get to know NACC NRM’s school-based trainee and Biodiversity star, Paige Kirby! Paige joins our Biodiversity crew once a week and her passion for the environment makes her an awesome addition to the team.

Paige was born in Perth and grew up in Sunset, Geraldton. From day one, Paige has been an avid artist, interested in performing arts, painting, and drawing! Her passion for drawing and her love for nature has married up perfectly, with Paige basing most of her art around flowers, animals, and natural landscapes. In her spare time, Paige loves snorkelling, camping, gardening, and horticulture work!

She says her love of conserving the environment, especially the ocean, has come from her childhood and her family.

“My parents loved making veggie gardens and planting trees at my house, so I feel like my love for the environment and learning about plants definitely started to peak when I started my TAFE course in Aquaculture last year, as well as joining NACC,” said Paige.

“Both of these experiences covered the things I most valued about life – caring for the earth.”

When it came to choosing an organisation for work experience, Paige felt that NACC’s core programs – Sustainable Agriculture, Biodiversity, Coastal & Marine, and Aboriginal Custodianship – offered multiple directions for her and a wide range of learning opportunities. During her time with NACC, Paige is hoping to learn how to give more to the environment, and gain a better insight into conservation and ecosystem management.

So far, Senior Biodiversity Officer Jarna Kendle has been keeping Paige busy, taking her on site visits, and monitoring vegetation on farms around our region!

Paige also has her own business called ‘Paige’s Designs’, selling prints of her watercolour artwork on cards and mugs and tote bags and stickers! She says she hopes to make a difference in painting underwater creatures, which is her specialty.

“The goal of my business is to one-day sell enough art that a percentage of each sale goes to a marine life conservation charity,” says Paige.

“I paint underwater creatures like whales and starfish to also show the beauty of them and to show people the creative side of the ocean and that they aren’t scary.”

A lot of Paige’s inspiration comes from the natural world around her, and she says the Northern Agriculture Region is a special and diverse place with endless opportunities to explore!

“I feel like we are so lucky to have so many people in our region who care for the environment and the place they live in,” Paige says.

“I love that in WA, a lot of people are passionate about caring for the ocean, the things that live in it, or the environment.”

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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