#PeopleOfNRM – Kyiesha Ronan

This month, the star of #PeopleOfNRM is NACC NRM’s Aboriginal Custodianship Trainee, Kyiesha Ronan!

Kyiesha was born and raised in Geraldton, where she completed her schooling years and at her high school graduation ceremony, proudly led a Welcome to Country in her grandfather’s language, Wilunyu!

Kyiesha joined the NACC NRM team earlier this year. She hit the ground running, working within the Aboriginal Custodianship program while also completing her Certificate II in Workplace Skills, and now preparing to start her Certificate III in Business Administration!

“I enjoy coming into work every day and working with people who are passionate about caring for Country,” Kyiesha said.

“Our Aboriginal Custodianship team is a small and wonderful team. At the moment we are working towards engaging more schools in the region, and educating students and staff on the importance of caring for Country and acknowledging Aboriginal culture.”

An important aspect of Kyiesha’s role is engaging with groups across the Northern Agricultural Region. Traveling around the region has enabled Kyiesha to learn more about the land, and the waterways and rivers, where she says she feels most connected to Country.

“My role has helped me to learn so much more about my Country, and its significance; I feel more connected to my people and Country now.”

Not only has Kyiesha’s traineeship helped her to achieve professional growth and further her connection to culture, but it’s also been an opportunity for personal growth.

“Working for NACC NRM has pushed me to get my license, and I’ve been able to buy my very own first car.”

Looking forward, Kyiesha says she hopes to see First Nations people continue working together in caring for Country and setting an example for younger generations to learn from.

“Focusing on caring for the environment helps to maintain our mental health. I believe that to be very important, both for myself and for the Northern Agricultural Region community as a whole.”

Kyiesha hopes to see traditional knowledge and science used more widely in the environmental conservation industry, saying that everyone can do their part to look after our region and its natural assets.

“We can all minimise our waste by opting for long-lasting and re-usable products, recycling, buying local produce or even growing your own,” Kyiesha said.

“Land, waters, sky, and everything in between; if you take care of Country, it will take care of you. It’s not only the law, it is our responsibility; it is core to our culture and our well-being.”

To see what Kyiesha and the team get up to, keep an eye out for NACC NRM’s monthly newsletter, and check out our social media channels!

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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