#PeopleOfNRM – Katherine Allen

Since I was about 10 years old, my passion has been the environment – in all its many colours, shapes and forms.

I  remember back in in 1993, when at the age ten I wrote to the head of the TTLine – a ferry company operating from Tasmania to mainland Australia – to school them on the ship’s lack of recycling. Not too long later, I received a reply to my letter indicating that TTLine were working to rectify the situation, and from there I think the die was cast.

My interests may have changed and evolved since that time from marine mammals, to fisheries management, to energy and resources, but at the end of the day I believe all of it is incredibly important.

However since I joined NACC in 2007, my interest has been squarely focused on NRM. Thankfully the diversity of NRM has supported my continued roller coaster of interest – giving me the opportunity to apply for grant funding for some fantastic and diverse projects.

Including the wonderful Little Footprint Big Future exhibition and the recently released Education Resource to support teachers in their teaching of Aboriginal culture and traditional ecological knowledge. The amazing team at NACC have done the hard work in turning these successful applications – and countless others – into brilliant projects with immensely positive outcomes for the region. And it is for this reason that I am very excited to now be leading this team. 

Despite the challenges we’ve been addressing – and those still ahead of us – this team will achieve amazing things. Not only because of the outstanding legacy left by Richard but because we all share a strong commitment to NACC’s mission and more importantly our values:

Accountability, Passion, Professionalism, Respect, Leadership, Impartiality, and Collaboration.

I can’t truly introduce myself without mentioning my supportive and loving family. My girls and my husband are the main reasons that I do what I do. I want my girls (aged just 6, 3 and 1) to be able to have the same experiences and opportunities that I have been lucky enough to have. This won’t be possible if we don’t start to protect our planet more aggressively and think more carefully about how we use resources.

NACC’s future is bright. We are looking up, moving on, and walking forward.

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Best wishes for a difficult task that will test your enthusiam, zeal, professionalism and leadership. We look forward to seeing NACC move forward – whether it be at a run, a walk or even, given current federal support for NRM and matters environmental, at a crawl and hope to help achieve this through collaboration. To derive the best outcome we trust we will see you discussing how in person in the Moore Catchment and other outer regions of the NAR .
Regards from an old NACCer

Nice comment Duncan, and good to see the old “once a NACCer, always a NACCer” sentiment showing through. I am sure that, in this era of declining funding for Landcare and NRM, collaboration between all organisations with common goals – such as NACC and MCC – will be all the more critical to our success. Good luck with that, and thanks for any help that you can provide to get the best out of our collective potential. cheers, Richard


Goodbye Richard
We are privalaged to have had business with you and thank you for your support through out the years. We are approaching exciting times with the new Aboriginal Ranger Programme, an initiative you have supported and got up and going, so We are sure that you wont be too far away keeping an eye on us all. We wish you all the best in your coming adventures
Cheers from all of us at KMAC:)

Hi Anni,

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for all of the support and energy you have put into our projects over the years – especially most recently the Midwest Aboriginal Ranger Project, the credit for which squarely rests with my amazing team at NACC, not me.

Thanks for the best wishes, and I will send the same to you. Good luck with all of your work going forward. You and your organisation are making a real difference.

Best wishes,


you have grown into a very confident young women & I feel sure NACC & NRM is in capable hands. Long may we educate the community to the benefits of putting our planet first starting with small changes in the family home to the large jumps for our community to achieve.
Congratulations Kat we always knew you were a very able NRM achiever

Hear, Hear. #GoKat

Well said Kat: “NACC’s future IS bright”.

It’s a real treat as an outgoing CEO to be able to leave ‘my’ organisation knowing that it is in such safe and capable hands as yours.

No-one has worked at NACC longer than you, nor held so many different positions, nor undertaken so many roles. You know the organisation from cover to cover … and on top of that … you’re a smart, experienced, modern manager with so much to offer NACC and the wider NRM sector in the years ahead.

I look forward to following, and supporting, NACC as it continues to work with the community to achieve important landcare and NRM outcomes across the region in the years ahead. I’m sure the best is yet to come.

Best wishes, and good luck.


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