#PeopleofNRM – Jenna Brooker

Long-time supporters of NACC NRM will be familiar with the name Jenna Brooker and in light of her upcoming move from Geraldton to Perth, the team at NACC NRM would like to take this opportunity to thank Jenna for her years of support and wish her to all the best for the future.

Born and educated in Rhodesia Zimbabwe, Jenna migrated to Australia in 1972. She then studied a Diploma of Education in Melbourne, followed by Environmental Science at Murdoch University in the 1980s.

After working in coastal restoration in Bunbury and environmental management planning on the Canning and Swan rivers, Jenna then focused her work in the Midwest – conducting vegetation surveys, revegetation and community engagement activities.

It was in 1995 that Jenna and her husband Tony chose to call Geraldton their home and the region has become a lot richer for it.

Since then, Jenna has worn many hats and supported NACC NRM in various roles. In particular Jenna was integral in the development of Northern Agriculture Integrated Management Strategy also known as NAIMS (the predecessor to NACC). Working as a public servant for the then Department of Agriculture Jenna literally wrote the book on NRM in the NAR… when she constructed the original constitution for NAIMS.

Jenna’s passion for the environment and the community is unrivalled and her enthusiastic and determined personality is contagious. Some of the projects Jenna has been instrumental in delivering include:

  • The revival and ongoing backing of the Geraldton Regional Herbarium Group – a working group of volunteers who dedicate their time and efforts to improving, expanding and maintaining the herbarium collection now integrated into the DBCA collection.
  • Being a founding member of Chapman River Friends – this group holds a special place in Jenna’s heart and has played a key role in the preservation, restoration and conservation of the Chapman River Regional Park. Chapman River Friends is also well known for actively engaging with the community to raise awareness of the park and its biodiversity values.
  • Supporting the City of Greater Geraldton to move towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly activities, as well as partaking in rehabilitation projects, particularly in relation to foreshore rehabilitation.

Jenna has inspired many people with her passion and enthusiasm for all things environment and conservation, and while the team at NACC NRM – and the wider Midwest community – will miss Jenna, we are thrilled for the new adventures and opportunities which await her.

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Words cannot say what a privilege it has been to have such a friend & work with her was always enlightening & educational.
Jenna will most certainly be missed by heaps of environmentalists in this region.

I second your message Yvonne. I felt lucky to live in Geraldton and get to know Jenna, who is passionate and practical.

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