#PeopleOfNRM – Fiamma Riviera

This month we are introducing you to Fiamma, one of our newest staff members. Fiamma is NACC’s Senior Conservation Planning Officer- you might recognise her from our Regional Drought Resilience Planning Project!

Originally hailing from Italy, Fiamma grew up in Perth, attending school and university. After a few years spent overseas, Fiamma is calling Geraldton home for now.

As Fiamma has never lived in a regional centre, she is keen to be in the Northern Agricultural Region experiencing a more agricultural setting and to be exploring a different part of Western Australia.

“I love how this region sits at the junction of several different ecosystems and landscapes, and is also a juncture of urban and agricultural settings.  I feel this makes for a real breadth of experiences and opportunities,” said Fiamma.

As Senior Conservation Planning Officer, Fiamma hopes to become involved with local conservation groups both to be out there in the bush with them learning, and also to help them develop locally significant conservation projects.  She believes local projects have a lot to contribute to conservation and to science more broadly.

Currently, Fiamma is working on the final stages of the Mid West Regional Drought Resilience plan (RDRP), one of several nation-wide projects being funded under the Future Drought Fund.  The plan has been developed by NACC and the MWDC in extensive consultation with farmers and growers, grower groups, industry, local government, indigenous groups, and technical experts.  It will provide a road map for the subsequent funding of projects which aim to make the region more economically, socially and environmentally resilient to drought.

“Working on the RDRP, I have certainly met a lot of people, learnt a lot about agriculture and become invested in a good outcome for rural communities and environment.”

Before joining the NACC NRM team, Fiamma had previously been in academia as a researcher in mine site revegetation, a botanical consultant and a high school teacher. 

“I am really appreciating the chance to become involved with the not-for-profit sector and know that my broad background will be a good fit for NRM,”Fiamma said.

“I studied environmental science as an undergraduate and eventually became a botanist; travelling around the state as part of that role really cemented my love of WA landscapes.”

In terms of a vision for the future of conservation, Fiamma would like to see local governments engage with NRM groups and research institutions to lead the way in surveying their part of state, making the cataloguing of ecosystems and species a truly grass roots effort.

“We have such a wonderful variety of ecosystems and species in Western Australia, many unique in the world, yet the cataloguing of these is incomplete and poorly coordinated and hence, inadequately considered in planning,” said Fiamma.

“Such information, across all of WA for both public and private land, should be available to each level of government to better manage our natural heritage.”

Phoebe Royce – Communications Officer

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