#ParksforPeople – Yamaji Drive Trail

The 195 km Yamaji Drive Trail takes you to 14 sites of significance to local Aboriginal people living in the Geraldton, Greenough and Mullewa areas.  Natural landscapes, historic places, legends and local people are celebrated along the way. Sites include the Warglu Trail, Bootenal Spring, Ellendale Pool, Butterabby Graves, Woolya Reserve and Mass Rock.

Ellendale Pool. One of the stops on the Yamaji Drive Trail. Image: Tara Bradford

From the sandy beaches of Champion Bay, the tranquil waters of the Chapman and Greenough Rivers, to the red dirt landscapes of the lower Murchison, the Yamaji Drive Trail encompasses history, art and natural beauty.  The Trail can be driven in 1-2 days, depending on how long you choose to stay at each site, and all sites are accessible by 2 wheel drive vehicles.  Accommodation options are available in Geraldton, Greenough and Mullewa.

There are many opportunities to explore the sites further, following walk trails including the Greenough River Nature Trail.

A map can be collected free of charge at one of the following locations:

  • Geraldton Visitors Centre
  • WA Museum Geraldton
  • Geraldton Library

Or downloaded here: http://trailswa.com.au/media/files/documents/Yamaji_Drive_Trail_Brochure.pdf

NACC acknowledges the Yamaji people who are the original natural resource managers of the Northern Agricultural Region and support the transfer and documentation of Traditional Ecological Knowledge to sustain our unique environment.

Information sourced from the City of Geraldton Greenough and the Trails WA Website.


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