#ParksForPeople – Watheroo National Park

Watheroo National Park is located in sandplain country which hosts an abundance of wildflowers. The best season being between late July and early November. Low Creek borders the park to the east, flowing south to the Moore River.

The park contains a number of different plant communities. Amongst them are superb examples of Kwongan, one of the most diverse plant communities in the world. Feather Flowers, including Scarlet Feather Flower and the extraordinary Bush Cauliflower – at its best in December – are a feature, and there are many Myrtles, Dryandras and six different Banksias.

Watheroo National Park. R Walmsley
Watheroo National Park. R Walmsley

In late summer look out for the spectacular white sprays on the Woody Pear Trees. Their huge pear shaped fruits open after fire to release two papery winged seeds. Other areas are of low woodland, dominated by plants of the Banksia and Myrtle families, among which the fluffy white balls of Lambswool can be seen in spring.

In some areas dense thickets of Wattles form a glorious yellow hedge in spring. In winter and spring you will find numerous orchids under the Mallees, while later on in the year Everlastings appear.

Among the tumbled boulders around and above the cave are a number of attractive and unusual plants including the felty gray leaves and glorious scarlet flowers of Compact Poverty Bush. In addition to the vast array of plants, you may well spot plenty of native birds and other wildlife.

An attractive winding road leads to a pleasant shady picnic site on Jingemia Hill, a highlight of the park. A short walking trail leads to Jingemia Cave. It is formed in chert, an unusual rock which leads to a vegetation community in the hill that is very different from surrounding areas.

There is a car park and picnic area. Visitors are advised to bring their own water.

Watheroo is a three hour drive north of Perth and 40 minutes from the friendly farming town of Moora. If you have time, it is worth exploring the town and surrounding areas on the Moora Heritage Trail which includes some interesting stops at buildings of historical significance including the Berkshire Village and Moora Courthouse.

Information sourced from the Shire of Moora, Department of Parks and Wildlife, Australia’s Golden Outback and About Australia.

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