#ParksForPeople – Nambung National Park

Apart from the amazing Pinnacles Desert, Nambung National Park is also known for its beautiful beaches at Kangaroo Point and Hangover Bay, coastal dune systems and low heathland rich in flowering plants. At the park’s northern end near the town of Cervantes, there is a loop trail and boardwalk at Lake Thetis where you can see some fascinating thrombolites (rock-like structures similar to stromatolites built by micro-organisms too small for the human eye to see).

nambung-national-parkBlooming beauties

The vegetation bursts into flower from August to October, creating a memorable spectacle for visitors. Just offshore is a stunning reef system protected in the Jurien Bay Marine Park.

Desert discovery

The state-of-the-art Pinnacles Desert Discovery Centre is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm on every day of the year except Christmas Day. National Park entry fees apply.

When to go

The best season to visit Nambung National Park is during September and October, when the wildflowers are blooming and vistas of wattles stretch from horizon to horizon, but in fine weather the park is interesting year-round. It makes a great day trip from Perth.

Where to stay

There are no camping areas in Nambung National Park but a full range of accommodation and other services are available in the nearby town of Cervantes.

 Information sourced from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

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