#ParksforPeople – Mullewa Bushland Trail and Wildflower Walk

Image Credit: Pelusey Photography, from the Trails WA website

The Mullewa region is so rich in wildflower species because it straddles both geological and climatic transition zones. This produces great diversity across varying soil types and rainfall/temperature zones. Mullewa also contains both farmland, where human activity provides the disturbance favoured by many species and vast pastoral properties, where nature remains little changed.

Mullewa is a small wheat-belt town, about an hour’s drive East of Geraldton. It has several nature and cultural walk trails. One of the best for views and wildflowers is the Mullewa Bushland Trail which is a 2.4km loop. It starts and finishes at the Mullewa Scenic Lookout. The lookout itself gives expansive views over the town and the surrounding bushland and farmland. There are also 8 large interpretive panels outlining some key stories of the district, focusing on natural heritage and indigenous culture. The winding loop takes the visitor along a slightly rocky but not too steep hike. You will also spot small caves in the rocky outcrops.  Allow at least 40 minutes to an hour to complete the loop.

While you’re in Mullewa, you can also explore the Wildflower Walk. When winter rains are good, the spring wildflowers are absolutely sensational. Besides carpets of everlastings, there are numerous other species. The walk starts and finishes on Lover’s Lane, opposite the caravan park. Allow 45 – 70 minutes to complete the loop. There are signs identifying and describing some of the most common and spectacular species.

Information sourced from the Mullewa visitor’s brochure and the Trails WA website.

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