#ParksForPeople – Jurien Bay Marine Park

An extensive limestone reef system parallel to the shore has created a huge shallow lagoon that provides perfect habitat for Australian sea lions, dolphins and a myriad of juvenile fish.

Extensive seagrass meadows inside the reef shelter armies of marine animals such as western rock lobsters, octopus and cuttlefish that are the favourite food for young sea lions. The marine park surrounds dozens of magnificent and ecologically-important islands that contain rare and endangered animals found nowhere else in the world.


Picture: Department of Park and Wildlife

Water-based fun

Jurien Bay Marine Park is popular for a wide range of recreational activities including scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing, surfing and fishing.

Take the plunge

Great dive and snorkel sites abound. Boullanger Island (1-6 metres deep), just one kilometre offshore from Island Point at the southern end of Jurien Bay, affords some great diving and sheltered anchorages. The island’s western side is a seagrass meadow and is a great spot for family groups to go snorkelling. Several bommies can be found just 20 metres from the Jurien Bay Town Beach in about eight metres of water. There is a snorkel trail for youngsters and the area makes a good night dive.

Throw in a line

You are welcome to fish in most of the marine park (outside sanctuary and scientific reference zones – see map and brochure) but first check the latest bag limits, minimum sizes and licences (fish.wa.gov.au). There are restrictions on spearfishing, crabbing, rock lobster fishing and netting in some areas so make sure you ‘know your zones’.

Major public boat launching facilities are available at Jurien Bay and Green Head. Small vessels can be launched at Cervantes.

Information sourced from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

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