#ParksForPeople – Coalseam Conservation Park

2A small reserve north of Mingenew, Coalseam Conservation Park is rich in history and geology. It is the site of the first mined coal deposit in Western Australia, and exposed bands of coal seams can still be seen, along with the siltstones, claystones and sandstones that stripe the cliff faces and reveal 250 million years of geological history. Due to its rugged topography Coalseam Conservation Park has remained uncleared and is now a pocket of wilderness in the surrounding open farmland.

Fossil hunt

Marine fossils embedded in the banks of the Irwin River provide evidence of an earlier time in the history of Coalseam Conservation Park, when it was covered by a Permian sea. These beautifully preserved marine creatures can be best seen in the cliff face upstream of the Riverbend Day Use Area. If you go looking for these fossils please leave them where you find them for others to enjoy.

Wildflower delight

Coalseam Conservation Park is best known for its annual display of wildflowers, which come in a wide range of annuals and perennials due to the park’s diverse habitat range and location between sandplain and arid country.

Stay awhile

Camping for both caravans and tents is permitted at Miners with overflow camping at Breakaway. Be prepared for crowded conditions during weekends in the wildflower season, and the limit of a three night stay between late July and October. Campground hosts are on site during peak periods. Camping fees apply.

Playing safe

Two old coal mineshafts can still be found on the Irwin River. Obey signs warning not to approach them too closely.

Getting there

Coalseam Conservation Park is approximately 30 minutes drive from Mingenew on the unsealed Coalseam Road, and is accessible to all vehicles.

Information sourced from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.


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