#ParksForPeople – Badgingarra Natural Playground

Opened in June 2013 and located next to the Badgingarra Community Centre, the Badgingarra Natural Playground was designed by well-known stone-mason and sculptor Bernhard Kaiser, who has also designed nature playgrounds at Kings Park, Princess Margaret Hospital, and in Geraldton.

The Badgingarra Natural Playground features sand and water play areas, tyre hammocks, timber structures and a bush cubby.

The site is adjacent to the Badgingarra tennis courts and there are public toilets and a caravan waste dump point just a short distance from the playground.

The name Badgingarra is Aboriginal in origin, ‘Badgin’ meaning Manna Gum, which grew in the surrounding flats, and ‘garra’ meaning water. Badgingarra is a small but vibrant farming community located 205km north of Perth along the Brand Highway. Badgingarra has a roadhouse and a tavern, both of which are open seven days a week.

Nature Play Week (11-22 April)

Nature Play Week celebrates activities of all types that reconnect kids with nature and the great outdoors. Landcare and other community groups might like to join in the fun by celebrating the Week with a local event or activity.

The event or activity does not have to be big or complicated. It might even be an activity that your group already does regularly. A few Nature Play Activities suggested by Nature Play WA include:

• Take a shovel full of soil from your garden and examine it. How many worms can you find? Discover what other insects you see. Discuss why are they important?
• Since April is in autumn for cooler climates, see how many different colours of leaves you can collect or identify.
• Plant a/some bulbs, seeds or trees.
• Seasons search: Go out and find 10 things that you will only see during autumn.

For more information on Nature Play Week, or if you want to register your event for the Week, visit www.natureplayweek.org.au.

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