Paddock Chat – Sustainable Agriculture with NACC NRM’s Callum Love & Elders Agronomist Nick Eyres

Recently our Sustainable Agricultural Program Coordinator Callum Love, caught up with locel agronomist Nick Eyres for West Midlands Group’s podcast Paddock Chat!

Nick has been an agronomist with Elders for nearly 5 years servicing the Midwest region of WA, mainly around the Geraldton and Mingenew areas. Nick also works closely with NACC NRM and the Yuna Farm Improvement Group (YFIG) in many of their sustainable agriculture projects.

Callum and Nick explore some of the work with legumes in the low rainfall zones that has been recently completed between NACC and YFIG. Nick also shares his experience on his own farm, a 10-hectare property at Greenough, where tests all his new ideas for including legumes in the crop rotation.

Some of the interesting discussion points include:

  • Use of serradella to stabilise sandy soils
  • Use of legumes to improve the benefits of soil amelioration
  • What are the risks in growing alternative legumes?
  • What does sustainability really mean?

Have a listen here!

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Yuna Farm Improvement Group

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