Our Coast, Our Land – Striving Together

In early October, the WA Landcare Network hosted the 2019 State NRM and Coastal Conference in Perth.

This highly regarded WA event has been held regularly since the 1990s, and this year focussed on maximising networking opportunities with an interactive program including workshops, tours, engaging conference sessions and open space sessions.

The conference also brought together practitioners, community members, volunteers, planners, managers, researchers and businesses to share their concerns, experiences and knowledge, as well as passion and visions for the future.

One of NACC NRM’s Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators Annabelle Garratt attended the conference and noted that this year’s event had a strong focus on Traditional Ecological Knowledge and an overall desire from the delegates to develop genuine collaboration.

Annabelle said that the conference was a great opportunity for networking and to showcase what is going on in the NRM community.

‘It also provided a perfect opportunity to promote NACC NRM’s “Little Footprint, Big Future” exhibition – a joint venture between the Museum of Geraldton and NACC NRM, the exhibition is an educational and inspirational interactive “visitor activity centre” designed for primary-school-aged students.’

Annabelle added ‘with inspiration from speakers who have made a difference, offering new ways of thinking and taking action, overall the conference was a thought-provoking and motivational event.’

‘I encourage anyone involved in NRM and given the opportunity, to attend a State NRM and Coastal Conference in the future.’

A few of Annabelle’s highlights from the conference included:

  • Heidi Taylor from the Australian Marine Debris Initiative and Tangaroa Blue Foundation ‘blue’ delegate’s minds with her research and incredible work in helping to target marine debris in oceans. Heidi explained how identifying the source of plastic waste washing up on beaches helps reduce pollution and increase education.
  • Climate specialist Bill Hare spoke to future climate projections, being warmer than ever, and pointed out the necessity of our movement to renewable energy sources. WA Chief Scientist Peter Klinken also highlighted the need to address climate change and how ecosystems and human health were interconnected.
  • Blair Parsons along with Kingsley Dixon, Kent Broad, Keith Bradbury and Suzanne Prober held a workshop about the urgent need to scale up restoration and revegetation across landscapes for wildlife habitat, regenerative agriculture and climate change.
  • Cathy McGowan (AO) spoke about building community resilience in times of change, encouraging people to not only find their voice but to actively use them, and empower other people to find their own voices.


NACC NRM would like to acknowledge Lotterywest for awarding Annabelle a Not for Profit Subsidy – a subsidy available to volunteers and staff from not for profit (NFP) landcare, coastcare and NRM groups to attend the 2019 WA State NRM and Coastal Conference.

For more information about the conference and NRM in the Northern Agricultural Region get in touch with our Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators: Lizzie King on (E) lizzie.king@nacc.com.au (P) 0447 361 335 or Annabelle Garratt on (E) annabelle.garratt@nacc.com.au or (P) 0448 986 879


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