Online Photo-Viewer puts Monitoring Data at your Fingertips

Photo-monitoring using Photomon at Drummonds Cove.
Photo-monitoring using Photomon at Drummond Cove.

Monitoring of environment changes has recently become even easier with the release of a new online photo viewing service.  This latest innovation compliments Northern Agricultural Catchments Council’s (NACC’s) photo-monitoring program.

Photo-monitoring is the process of using a series of images from the same location to record changes in the environment.  Over time, these photo series become more and more valuable for recording changes such as beach erosion, vegetation regrowth and crop health.

In 2013 NACC developed Photomon, a smartphone app that enables easy photo-monitoring, including automatic database upload and a standardised field of view to assist with data consistency.  Photomon is currently implemented in a number of NACC’s programs, the largest of which is an extensive beach monitoring program.

“This program has over 50 volunteers monitoring over 90 beach sites from Kalbarri to Guilderton. We also have other programs to monitor our weed control activities and community-based revegetation projects,” said Dr Mic Payne, NACC Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator.

Screen-shot from the photo gallery showing monitoring sites.
Screen-shot from the photo gallery showing monitoring sites.

The new online photo-viewer has been developed to enable the images captured by Photomon projects to be easily viewed and shared. “This is a vital component of any photo-monitoring program as it allows environmental managers easy access to information on which to base management decisions,” said Dr Payne.

Users can select a monitoring site from a map or pull-down menu, along with the orientation of interest. The service allows the resulting photo series to be viewed via manual scrolling or automatic slide show. Photo series can be filtered to show images taken over a particular period of time, or at annual increments.

The new photo-viewer can be accessed through the Tools and Apps page of the NARvis website:

For more information or to volunteer for NACC’s Beach Photo-monitoring Program, please contact Felicity Beswick on (08) 9938 0108 or at

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