Online Bird Photography Workshop A ‘Flying’ Success

This month NACC NRM teamed up with photographer Georgina Steytler to offer an online workshop focusing on ethical bird photography!

As novices to the new online workshop world, both Georgina Steytler and NACC NRM Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle were thrilled to see ten eager participants tune in to learn some top tips and techniques about how to get that award-winning shot. 

Georgina has a wealth of photography knowledge and provided some key tips:

  • Ensure you are being ethical when you are in the field taking nature photos, you should be aware of the impact of your actions.
  • Learn your camera’s manual settings to understand how shutter speed, ISO and aperture are interrelated.
  • Find the highlight alerts in your cameras settings so that you can avoid overexposing your subject.
  • Think about the angle and the lighting when you are taking your photo the right light as an angle can completely change an image. Try to taking your photo’s in the golden hours just after sunrise or just before sunset.
  • And finally – the background is as important as the bird but be mindful that it isn’t distracting.

Bushcare Officer Jarna Kendle said Georgina provided an enthusiastic presentation and her passion for bird and nature conservation shone through in both her photography and the workshops.

“Photography can play a powerful role in conservation and as Georgina showed us, a picture says a thousand words!” said Jarna.

Participant, Heather Beswick said she thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and took away from the experience a lot of great information.

“Georgina’s photos are amazing – her work and her passion is very inspirational,” Heather said.

If you would like to take a look at Georgina’s photograph’s or get some more fantastic tips, follow this link!

This online workshop was supported by NACC NRM with funding from the Australian Governments National Landcare Program.

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