One bird, two bird, three bird, four…

1The communities of Nanson and Northampton were busy counting birds last weekend as part of the National Aussie Backyard Bird Count citizen science project.

Participants were asked to record all the birds in their backyard or favourite public open space in the Bird Count App within a 20 minute time period.

There was a total 158 birds of 23 species counted on the day.

The participants at Nanson walked the Nanson River Trail and the grounds of the Historical Museum to spot the likes of the Rufous Whistler, Grey Currawong and the Sacred Kingfisher.

The Sacred Kingfisher was also a favourite on the Northampton walk which started off at the Eco Hut and followed the track along Nokaneena Brook up to the Botanic Line.

Alan Standering from the Northampton Environment Group said “while the rehabilitation work for Nokaneena has not finished and will be ongoing for quite a few years, it is great to see the birdlife that is currently here.

“Our members will go home and use the Bird Count App and with the data collected we will have a better understanding of the species and the number of birds that are out there,” he said.

Marieke Jansen Local NRM Officer for NACC said, “the Bird Count app it is really easy to record your count.”

“Knowing your bird is the hard part but using the app does give you some very good clues of what you possibly could have seen as it will prompt you to choose the shape or the colour of the bird,” she said.

The Australian Backyard Bird Count is on until the 23rd of October so if you haven’t entered any of your own backyard birds please go to, or download the app or enter your birds online.

The event was supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council and volunteers from the Chapman Valley Historical Society and the Northampton Environment Group, through funding from the Australia Government’s National Landcare Programme.

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