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August was a busy month for the NACC NRM team, with expos and agricultural days held all around the Northern Agricultural Region! Our Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity staff were lucky enough to attend the Mingenew Midwest Expo and the Perenjori Agricultural Show, providing opportunities to network with our partners, stakeholders, and members of the community.

At the start of the month, NACC NRM’s Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator Annabelle and Biodiversity Project Officer Sam had a wonderful day exploring the McIntosh & Son’s Mingenew Midwest Expo. As this year marked the 40th anniversary of the show, Mingenew had a lot to celebrate over the two days!

The expo was jam-packed with a variety of exhibits, ranging from agricultural equipment and technology to local produce, cooking demonstrations, and arts and crafts. All made even better with blue skies and sunshine!

It was great to see many familiar faces enjoying the festivities, which provided new and innovative ideas for environmental sustainability and future regenerative agriculture technology. A big thank you to the many organisers and support crew who helped to make the day a success, and we look forward to checking out next year’s expo!

Our Biodiversity Project Officer Sam was on the road again a few days later to take part in the 81st Perenjori Agricultural Show! Perenjori certainly did put on a show, with a range of local arts and crafts, produce, sideshow alley, and animals all on display. Local exhibitors showed off their winning poultry and fleece, locally grown vegetables, and beautifully crafted blankets.

The Perenjori show was a great opportunity to discuss with locals NACC NRM’s current project in partnership with the Shire of Perenjori (along with the Shires of Mingenew and Morawa), ‘In the Wake of the Storm – Environmental Recovery and Preparedness’. This project was created in response to the severe impact of 2021’s Tropical Cyclone Seroja throughout the Midwest, and the need for a proactive approach to changing climate and the potential of future weather extremes. Funding from this grant will enable NACC NRM to revegetate areas of Perenjori’s Golf Course to demonstrate a more resilient and strategic format of planting, under the recommendation of expert infrastructure and botanist advisors.

Thank you to all the organisers who put in the work behind the scenes and pulled off another fabulous Agricultural Show that had something for everyone. Congratulations Perenjori; we are excited to see what next year’s show will bring!

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Governments Preparing Australian Communities – Local Stream.

Samantha Comito – Biodiversity Project Officer

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