On the mound

A group of dedicated birdies gathered recently to brush up on their technology skills.

It may seem an unlikely combination, but for the North Central Malleefowl Preservation Group (NCMPG), technology and threatened species conservation go hand in hand.

Malleefowl are considered a threatened species in Australia and the NCMPG has operated as a local voluntary organisation for 21 years, working within the community to survey and locate Malleefowl mounds.

Monitoring with Tim Burnard (kneeling) National Malleefowl Co-ordinator from Casterton, Victoria.
Monitoring with Tim Burnard (kneeling) National Malleefowl Co-ordinator from Casterton, Victoria.

The group also monitor and preserve Malleefowl activity around Dalwallinu and Perenjori and recently celebrated their 21 years of achievements as part of a workshop, where all volunteer members were trained in smart phone monitoring of Malleefowl activity in the region.

The  data that members of NCMPG collect about Malleefowl is usually about the presence of foxes, cats and other predators, the height,  depth, shape and size of mounds, recent scrapings and footprints, the presence of egg shell and other evidence of activity.

This information and photos of the mounds are uploaded to the national Malleefowl database where they become a permanent record of the landscape.

They also become a resource for the development of state and national strategies for Malleefowl conservation.

Members from the National Malleefowl Recovery Team also joined NCMPG for the weekend’s activities.

The weekend was funded by a grant from the Gunduwa Regional Conservation Association (RCA). This is the second year that the Gundawa RCA has awarded a grant to NCMPG for its practical conservation work.

Gunduwa is funded through the lease agreements and interests of Extension Hill and Mount Gibson Mining and offers grants for research projects that have significance within an area which includes parts of the Dalwallinu, Perenjori, Morawa, Mullewa, Yalgoo, Koorda & Mount Marshall Shires.


Story and photos by Glenda and Gordon McNeill (Secretary & President NCMPG) and edited by NACC.

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