On Country Learning at Ellendale Pool

On the 7th and 8th of June, students and staff from Beachlands Primary School joined NACC NRM’s Aboriginal Custodianship team for a trip to Ellendale Pool to learn about local history and Connect to Country.

To get the day started, our Aboriginal Custodianship team Priscilla, Taj, and Kyiesha, introduced themselves to the group, talking about where they are each from and mobs they belong to.

Priscilla spoke about the rich history of Ellendale Pool, and the importance of showing respect when on Country. Historically, Ellendale Pool was a significant meeting place for the ancestors of the Amangu, Naaguja and Wajarri tribes to come together and share stories. The students learned about adhering to traditional protocol when at rivers and waterways, by throwing sand into the water to respectfully tell the Serpent Bimarra that you are visiting.

Beachland Primary School’s Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEO) contributed to the conversation about history and culture, sharing their own stories about their families and past generations’ connection to Ellendale Pool.

The students then learned about how the seasons affect Ellendale Pool, and how rainfall will help to clear harmful bacteria that thrives in the water during the warmer months.

Later, the group set off on a river mouth walk and discovered recently planted trees. This led to some great discussions about the benefits of tree planting, and the students shared that they had recently done some planting, and were looking forward to monitoring the growth of their trees.

It was a fantastic opportunity to support understanding of culture and environment, in hopes this knowledge can guide future generations to come. A big thank you to the Beachlands Primary School staff and students for reaching out and initiating the excursion, allowing our Aboriginal Custodianship team to share their knowledge on Country.

Priscilla Papertalk – Aboriginal Custodianship Program Coordinator

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