Off Road Vehicle Study Seeks Views of Trail and Quad Bike Riders and Local Residents

BikesRiders and local residents are being encouraged to provide input to a study that is exploring the feasibility of creating one more legal Off Road Vehicle Areas or trails in the coastal area between Lancelin and Kalbarri.

Two online surveys have been created – one for riders, and the other for local residents. The surveys, and more information about the project, can be found at . The study has been initiated by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) with funding from Coastwest.

NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program Coordinator, Dr Mic Payne explains that the explosion of ORV ownership in Western Australia has led to increased pressure on the coastal environment.

According to Dr Payne, “At present the entire coastline of the Northern Agricultural Region has only one gazetted area for Off Road Vehicles – just north of Lancelin – where trail and quad bikes that are not road-registered can be legally used.

“Coastal Rangers often report that Off Road Vehicle users are frustrated with the lack of legal facilities on the coast. Rangers maintain that the majority of the riders they speak to are keen to have clearly designated areas for their use.”

Project consultant, Steve Pretzel from Trail Bike Management, explains that the Rider Survey is designed to build an understanding of where people currently ride and the type of riding experiences that they are seeking, so the most suitable locations and terrain can be explored for a potential new area or legal trail network.

The Residents and Community Survey will identify the problem ‘hot spots’ and the specific concerns of people who live and work in the region.

Says Mr Pretzel: “Trail and quad bike riding is a popular activity, and it’s important to provide safe, legal opportunities for riders and their families. That’s the best way of discouraging people from riding in environmentally sensitive areas or where riding creates safety or amenity concerns.”

The surveys will remain open until June 30, and there will be further opportunities for public consultation once a short-list of potential areas has been identified.

To access the surveys, or for further information on the project see

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