Not just a load of rubbish

Who would have thought that rubbish could be so interesting!

Students at Perenjori Primary School rolled-up their sleeves, pulled-on their hats and gloves, and went out into their community to collect rubbish this week as part of the Clean Up Australia Day activities across the region.

Clean Up Australia Day activities in Perenjori.
Clean Up Australia Day activities in Perenjori.

NACC staff praised their efforts, and joined the students in cleaning up the Perenjori school grounds.

NACC Natural Resource Management Office Jude Sutherland said it was great to see children interested and engaged in caring for the environment.

“It’s always fascinating seeing what has been picked up, and seeing what the school-kids think is interesting too,” said Jude.

“I was extremely pleased with the enthusiasm and knowledge that the students displayed throughout the afternoon.”

Jude said the theme of “reuse, recycle and reduce”, was reinforced throughout the day – as students brainstormed ideas about how they could help to reduce waste in their homes.

As part of the Clean Up Day, NACC staff also launched an activity from the recently released 2nd Edition of the Inland to Ocean environmental education package.

“We talked about how students could make a difference to the environment; and we came up with loads of ideas such as reducing packaging – by baking food to take to school instead of taking packaged food,” Jude said.

“We also discussed reusing plastic bags for shopping, and recycling paper for scrap paper. The students also thought it would be a great idea to write to the Shire and ask them to set-up a recycling depot in their town.”

Jude said the Clean Up Day was a fantastic opportunity to communicate the importance of keeping the environment clean for our region’s native wildlife.

“The students really began to understand the damage that rubbish and pollution is having on animals in our communities, and were told a very sad story of a lizard which caught its head in a coke can – preventing it from being able to eat and drink. Fortunately one of the teachers at the school came to its rescue,” she said.

The day finished off with the school-kids guessing how long it took for some of the rubbish we found to break-down in our environment, such as two months for an apple core, and more than 2 million years for an aluminium can.

NACC would like to thank Clean up Australia for providing some of the materials used on the day, and Perenjori Primary School staff and students.

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