A new resource for climate change

Ever wanted to know more about how climate change is shaping our coastline but didn’t know where to start?

Well stop looking because the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) have released a new Australia-wide system called CoastAdapt.

Since 2014, NCCARF has been developing CoastAdapt as an information delivery and decision support system to help coastal managers, local governments and communities in Australia adapt to climate change and sea level rise.

yeNACC Coastal & Marine Project Officer Vanessa McGuiness and GIS Coordinator Emma Jackson attended the CoastAdapt Workshop in Geraldton last week.

The workshop was hosted by NCCARF’s Senior Research Fellow Sarah Boulter and Senior Programmer/Web Developer Steve Webb who allowed participants to explore the beta version of the website and provide feedback for the release of the final website next year.

Melanie Bainbridge also spoke on behalf of the City of Cockburn and the Cockburn Sound Coastal Alliance to highlight the coastal adaptation process occurring south of Perth.

NACC Coastal & Marine Project Officer Vanessa McGuiness says, “CoastAdapt is the ideal platform not just for coastal managers, but communities, teachers and individuals who want to understand and discover how climate change is affecting Australia’s coastline.”

“The website uses real data and allows stakeholders from across Australia to collaborate on climate change issues in their own regions.”

Read more information about the CoastAdapt website. NCCARF is still seeking for your input and expertise so if you have any feedback on the website please contact NCCARF’s Director Prof. Jean Palutikof at j.palutikof@griffith.edu.au.

For information on NACC’s Coastal and Marine Program please contact Vanessa McGuiness at Vanessa.McGuiness@nacc.com.au or 08 9938 0108.

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