New edition of popular Inland to Ocean resource launched

29 February 2016

We often hear about the need for our children to connect with nature, and to gain an understanding and appreciation of their natural world – far away from their smartphones, computer screens and video games.

Fortunately, there are solutions, guides, resources and packages that can help with these goals – including … drum roll… NACC’s very own contribution – Inland to Ocean.


Primary schools across the Northern Agricultural Region have recently been provided with a new, free, and revamped version of the environmental education resource for their use.

Inland to Ocean is a workbook resource developed for primary schools in the Northern Agricultural Region, with a particular focus on educating Year 4-6 students about the environment.

The workbook approaches local environmental topics and engages young people to look after our natural assets from an early age, through fun, hands-on activities.

Ultimately, Inland to Ocean aims to promote environmental stewardship and the sustainable use of our natural resources.

Inland to Ocean has been updated over the past year by Ingrid Jansen from the WordFarm and myself, to improve the content and quality of this workbook,” said NACC’s Social Science Research Officer Rolan Deutekom.

“Resources and activities have been simplified and local examples highlighted for students and teachers, and best of all, it fits with the Australian Education Curriculum.

“The package is straight-forward and teachers can easily identify a suitable activity that fits with curriculum requirements.”

The 2016 edition resource now available!

The 2016 workbook edition is now available via the Inland to Ocean website, to coincide with the commencement of the 2016 school year, and already has many schools excited to use it.

The previous edition of Inland to Ocean has been used as a helpful environmental resource in the region, and the new edition will be distributed electronically to a number of teachers this week.

For more information about the resource, or to get a hard copy, contact NACC on 9938 0100, or visit the Inland to Ocean website directly for your free download of the Inland to Ocean 2016.

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