New board announced

The Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC) is pleased to announce the newly elected (and re-elected) board directors for the next term.

Board elections were held between August and September and NACC would like to thank all members for taking part in the election process.

As a result, three new board directors were elected and one existing board director was re-elected.

Successful Board Directors:

Dr Robert Keogh, has a high level of formal qualifications and extensive professional experience in disciplines relevant to NACC’s mandate, including agriculture and biological science, environmental impact assessment and biosecurity management. Dr Keogh also has a keen personal interest in the biodiversity, particularly the flora, of the region and is a patron of the Kwongan Foundation for Conservation of Australian Biodiversity.

Associate Professor Dean Revell, has used his experience of over 20 years to link agriculture production with natural resource management. He does not see food production and NRM as separate entities and believe there is an opportunity to improve both simultaneously, which should be encouraged and supported.

Mrs Beverely Logue, is committed to continuing to deliver excellent on-ground outcomes in the NAR, whilst supporting sustainable agriculture businesses. With experience in various NRM groups across the Northern Agricultural Region, Mrs Logue will bring different perspectives and skills to this position.

Kent Broad, has been re-elected to the NACC board. Mr Broad, born and bred in the NACC NRM country, understands Natural Resource Management and the challenges we face in the NAR. In this next term, he sees a key opportunity to connect and liaise with as many stakeholders as possible, to put the NRM region of WA on the map, both within Australia and internationally.

NACC would like congratulate the board directors for this new term, and would like to welcome them to the organisation.

We look forward to meeting Dr Keogh, Professor Revell, Mrs Logue and Mr Broad and formally welcoming them at the Annual General Meeting on 26 October, 2015.

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