Networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing at Eurardy Reserve

Networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing (on revegetation), were the three key themes of a workshop that I attended this week at Eurardy Reserve – in the far north of the Northern Agricultural Region.

Organised by Bush Heritage Australia with support from NACC, the workshop brought together an informed and inspiring group of revegetation and landscape restoration scientists and practitioners, as well as property owners, and members of the local and wider community. Workshop presenters, including NACC Deputy Chair Kent Broad, provided a range of recent and relevant technical information about revegetation techniques considered suitable for the environmental conditions experienced at Eurardy.

It is now ten years since Bush Heritage Australia took-up Eurardy Reserve, and while much has been achieved in that time on the conservation and restoration frontline, there is still much work to be done to restore historically degraded and modified parts of the property – to address issues such as invasive weeds and pests, and salinisation.

All of the information delivered at the workshop was directly fed into the development of a new management plan for the reserve, which will aim to address these and other key issues, while further advancing the property’s ongoing biodiversity objectives – such as improving habitat for native fauna.

As with most workshops, one of the highlights of the day was the day-end field trip around the property to see the potential of the landscape, as well as the challenges that lie ahead for reserve manager Ben Parkhurst and his team.

Earlier in the day, the workshop participants visited the property of Stinger and Margi Weir, which included a walk through well-established and highly successful revegetation, and provided an inspiring and informative kick-start to a great day in the north of our fabulous region.

We at NACC are proud of the great relationships that we have with property owners in the region – like Bush Heritage Australia – who are doing their bit to maintain and enhance the quality of the natural environment on their properties.

Richard McLellan


NACC Fact: Did you Know? 25 per cent of the NACC NRM region is in the rangelands (1,866,619 hectares).


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