Natural Resource Management Priorities of State and Federal Governments

Ever wondered what the state and federal natural resource management (NRM) priorities are? And if they link up with your own priorities for land management and conservation in our wonderful Northern Agricultural Region? Well, wonder no more!

The federal government of Australia has six NRM outcomes that they seek to have delivered through the Regional Land Partnership (RLP) Program. The RLP is the largest component of the National Landcare Program, investing $450 million dollars nationally in NRM around Australia between July 2018 and June 2023. The RLP outcomes are to

1) restore and protect RAMSAR sites (wetlands of international importance);

2) stabilise or improve populations of threatened and priority species;

3) control invasive species on World Heritage properties;

4) improve the condition of threatened ecological communities;

5) increase awareness and adoption of land management practices that improve and protect the condition of soil, biodiversity and vegetation; and

6) increase the capacity of agriculture systems to adapt to climate change and market demands for sustainable production.

Although there are no RAMSAR or World Heritage sites in the NAR,  NRM work is undertaken in the region to support the other four outcomes. With 78 threatened fauna, nearly 900 threatened plants, and 25 threatened ecological communities found in theNAR, there is plenty of work to do! The federal government is particularly interested in our populations of Black-flanked Rock-wallaby, Western Quoll, Malleefowl, Black Grevillea, Fitzgerald’s Mulla-Mulla, Glossy-leaved Hammer Orchid and Scaly-leaved Featherflower.  Projects that focus on improving on-farm soil, biodiversity and vegetation, and increasing the capacity of our farms and farmers to adapt to climate change and evolving market demands, also contribute substantially to achieving the RLP outcomes.

The state government of Western Australia has its own NRM framework, with six shared priorities. Under this framework, WA’s NRM priorities are to

1) sustainably manage land, with a focus on regenerative agriculture;

2) maintain and enhance water resources;

3) protect and enhance the marine and coastal environment;

4) conserve and recover biodiversity;

5) enhance skills, capacity and community engagement; and

6) deliver high quality planning that leads to effective action.

All of the many and varied biodiversity conservation, biosecurity, Coastcare, community engagement and environmental education, river health and sustainable agriculture projects in the region contribute to these state government priorities.

Keep up the good work everyone! And take heart that our efforts are aligned across current state and federal NRM priorities.

For more information on the Regional Land Partnership Program, click here.

For more information on the WA NRM Framework, click here.

To discuss your local or regional NRM priorities for the Northern Agricultural Region, please contact NACC NRM NARvis Project Officer Amanda Bourne at (08) 9938 0122 or

Amanda Bourne – NARvis Project Officer

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