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Thanks to the hard work and years of botanical passion from Dalwallinu locals, the Kalannie CRC are now proud custodians of an amazing herbarium – which was officially launched on 12 June 2018 by Dr Ian Fordyce.

Ian Fordyce and Birgit Schmalz re-identified, labelled and mounted the specimens, and also relocated the collection to the Kalannie Community Resource Centre (CRC). They also have provided an incredible introduction booklet on how to use the herbarium or at the very least, understand how the plant world works.

Ian said that some of the flora samples were in great condition, but over half needed attention.

“Back in the 1990’s, the bulk of the collection took place in the Kalannie-Goodlands Land Conservation District, on over 154 sites, by the members of the group,” he said.

“More than 2,500 specimens were collected and pressed on site, from these 600 individual taxa was compiled through a reference process via the Western Australia Herbarium in Perth.”

“The Kalannie Herbarium is more than just a random collection of dead plants – it’s a credible herbarium.”

Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group Landcare Coordinator Jude Sutherland said that the original specimens were stored in the Kalannie LCDC building for a number of years and thanks to local Max Hudson’s passion to complete the Herbarium highlighted it to the Yarra Yarra Catchment Management Group.

“The collection looks absolutely fantastic and we would like to again thank the Kalannie CRC for housing the herbarium and all of their support organising the event,” she said.

“A big thanks also to the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council who helped funded the herbarium.”

“If like me you don’t know one plant family from another, do yourself a favour and the next time you are travelling through Kalannie pop into the CRC and have a read of this very informative, entertaining and easy to read guide of how to identify plants.”

For more information please contact Jude Sutherland at

This project has been supported by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.



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