NACC paints the town pink

Vegetation near the coastal foreshore dunes in Jurien Bay and Cervantes will look a little pink this month, as part of an ongoing weed management program in the region.

Run by the Northern Agricultural Catchments Council (NACC), the weed management program ensures Pyp Grass, an invasive weed found in Jurien Bay and Cervantes among other places, is being eradicated.

Once sprayed, a pink dye residue will indicate where the grass has been sprayed and started to die out.

This project, which will return in November, forms part of the Pyp Grass Management plans, NACC’s investment in weed eradication in the region, and is set to continue until 2018 for both town sites.

Pyp grass has turned pink after being sprayed
Pyp grass has turned pink after being sprayed

Pyp Grass (Ehrharta villosa) was introduced into Australia to stabilise dunes and has now become a serious threat to the coast, as it is an aggressive invader known to smother and replace native vegetation species.

NACC’s Natural Resource Management Officer Philippa Schmucker said the results of spraying had been positive and shown significant impact on the grass.

“It is currently the second spray-round for Jurien Bay, and third for Cervantes,” she said.

“We are very satisfied with the control rate from previous sprays since commencement in 2012.

“The impact on the Pyp Grass is significant where spraying has taken place and the natural regeneration of native seedlings coming up proves the success of the program to date.”

The coastal dunes at Jurien Bay and Cervantes are important natural assets for both townships and the district, providing coastal protection and are a drawcard for tourism.

Some areas have significant regrowth of native vegetation and natural regeneration from the native seedbank, no longer having to compete with the smothering Pyp Grass, taking advantage of the dead plant as shelter for establishment.

The plan is intended to revegetate priority areas where Pyp Grass has been sprayed, to assist with site rehabilitation and sand stabilisation.

For more information, a copy of the Jurien Bay or Cervantes Pyp Grass Management Plans, or to get involved in the project please contact Philippa Schmucker at Jurien Bay on 9652 0872 or

This project is coordinated by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government.

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