NACC NRM ‘Busy Bees’ at the Mingenew Expo

NACC NRM’s information stall at the Mingenew Midwest Expo on the 11th and 12th August was a massive success! With thousands coming through the front gates at the expo this year, it was the perfect opportunity to meet with local farmers and community members who play such an important role in the achievement of regional NRM outcomes.

One particular NACC NRM outcome had our stall ‘buzzing’ with school groups and novice gardeners. As part of the Building a Buzz for Beneficial Bugs (BABFBB) State NRM project, the Sustainable Agriculture team set up a native insect hotel and seed envelope workshop. The goal of the BABFBB project is to promote the importance and conservation of native insect biodiversity. Insect hotels provide native insects a nesting site to increase their reproductive output.

As our exhibit was on the school group ‘Education Trail’, all 60 of our DIY hotels were constructed and taken home to local gardens. Students and community members could also make a seed envelope from recycled paper to fill with insect-attracting flowering plant seeds. The workshop gave community members the opportunity to learn about and take action to conserve native insect species from their own backyards.

It was a privilege to have Dr Kit Prendergast (the Bee Babette), a native bee expert, help out in the NACC stall on the Thursday. Kit shared her knowledge of native bees and the best design for bee hotels. Kit said ‘It was wonderful to connect with farmers, who can make a difference when it comes to managing their land to support native bees [and insects]. I also enjoy engaging with children as they are always so enthusiastic.’ Kit also recommended visiting Depot Hill in Mingenew as it’s a hotspot for native bees!

After two days, the NACC NRM exhibit was deemed a success after we were awarded the ‘Best Education or Information Display’ at the Expo!

Thank you to everyone who attended our workshop or came to have a chat to us. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Anna Cornell – Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer

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Well done girls. Bees are always a catchy thing to engage our community. They are the essence of life as without them to pollinate our plants including crops where we would be eh?

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