NACC looking for two new Directors in 2017

Later this year NACC will conduct an election as required by its constitution, and will be seeking to appoint two new Directors.

Currently, NACC has a Board of six directors: Yvonne Marsden, Bev Logue, Miriam Stanborough, Kent Broad, Dean Revell and Rob Keogh. Yvonne, who has been a longstanding stalwart of NACC completes a four year term on the Board later in 2017 and has chosen not to seek re-election.

To maintain a diversity of skills and experience on the Board, the Directors have determined to replace Yvonne and appoint, by election, a seventh Director with both new Directors to take up four-year terms commencing at the 2017 AGM to be held in Geraldton on 6 October.

With this in mind, we have initiated the processes required by NACC’s Constitution for the nomination of suitable candidates and will conduct a ballot of the Members of NACC in time to appoint the new Directors at the AGM.

We will soon call for nominations for the two Board positions from which an Independent Selection Panel (ISP) will select suitably skilled candidates to go forward to the ballot of Members. The selection criteria against which the ISP will assess nominations will be made available in conjunction with the call for nominations, as a minimum, any person nominating for the position of Director must reside in Australia, have a direct interest within the NACC NRM region, and be a Member of NACC.

To ensure that all Members have an opportunity to consider nominating for a position on the Board and participating in the ballot, NACC is reviewing contact details on our Register of Members.

NACC faces a future full of challenges and opportunities and requires a Board of Directors committed to and capable of, addressing the challenges and grasping the opportunities. If you think you or someone you know could make a contribution, please keep an eye out for the call for nominations.

For those who may be interested, currently the NACC Board typically meets in person, in Geraldton, about four times a year; and a further five or six times a year by teleconference.

Rob Keogh
Chair, NACC Board of Directors


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