NACC Leading the Way in Drought Resilience

On Sunday the 6th of February, NACC NRM’s CEO Katherine Allen, Senior Conservation Planning Officer Dr. Amanda Bourne, Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitator Annabelle Garratt, and Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer Anna Cornell ventured down to Dongara for four days for the Drought Resilience Leadership Development Program (DRLDP).

The DRLDP is funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, as are our projects, Beyond Reasonable Drought and Regional Drought Resilience Planning in the Mid West. The Australian Government has partnered with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation to deliver this leadership program to emerging leaders in 12 regions across Australia to develop contemporary leadership skills that benefit their communities’ drought response. The NACC team are a part of the Northern Wheatbelt region.

The group’s resilience was tested right from the beginning of the program, with the power out and mobile service down in Dongara for the whole of the first day. The four days in Dongara consisted of different workshops, activities and discussion sessions relating to cultural awareness, resilience, creativity, self-awareness, adaptive leadership and community wellbeing. Day two saw the power back on and mobile service restored, and everyone ready and committed for the days to come.

The group’s facilitators, Australian Rural Leadership Foundations Elizabeth Brennan and Lockie McDonald ran most of these sessions, along with some special guests. We were treated to an intimate and insightful Welcome to Country and Cultural Awareness session by Caris, John and Nanna Rae from Wila Winju. Another in-person guest appearance was by Christina Pollard, who taught the group about wellbeing, both individual and community, and why this is integral to maintain.

The group was fortunate to have special guests such as Patrick and Geoff from Cleverfool and Ananth and Tom from Polykala videoconference in from over east. The team at Cleverfool helped the group build creativity and solve problems through personal and group storytelling. The teams investigated and creatively told local Dongara stories. Putting most of the team out of their comfort zone tasked with short skit presentations of the stories they had sourced.

The group learnt adaptive leadership skills from Polykala, which is important for our dynamic rural communities. Learning ‘the dance’ between authority and leadership was an interesting part of this, understanding that change and influence can be ensured without authority.

The group are looking forward to the next sessions, and we will keep you updated on the progress.

Anna Cornell – Sustainable Agriculture Project Officer

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