NACC goes wild for wildlife

5Land for Wildlife is partnering with NACC to assist landowners with conservation on their properties. And as part of NACC’s current Biodiversity Incentive, land managers now have the opportunity to sign up to Land for Wildlife.

Recently, NACC staff were joined by conservation champions Fiona Falconer and Gillian Stack to get a better understanding of the Land for Wildlife process and how NACC can incorporate it into our current projects. Some of the key take home messages from the day included

• It is free, voluntary and non-binding – owners can withdraw from the program at any time if they choose to. Identifying information is never shared with anyone without the owner’s permission.

• On registration, a distinctive blue sign is provided (free) to the landowner which can be displayed on the property’s boundary, identifying the value of the property to maintaining wildlife in the landscape. LFW provide an interesting newsletter and occasional Wildlife Notes on particular topics.

• LFW acts as an information source for landowners about the plants and animals that occur in their area, and ways that the property may be able to provide a home for those plants and animals without undermining profitability or other goals. LFW networks with a wide range of biodiversity experts, so can assist with a very wide range of enquiries.

• Different LFW members talk about different reasons for membership; some include the pleasure of providing habitat for wildlife that they’ve seen around since childhood, learning more about what lives near them, recognising the benefits of bush to the health of their property, and having the value of their management efforts like weed and feral control being recognised.

“Land for Wildlife is a voluntary program all about supporting private property owners to manage their bushland as wildlife habitat. WA’s plants and animals are so diverse and so different to species from other parts of the country and the world – for their own sake and for our sense of place, it’s important that they survive in nature, not just in zoos and botanic gardens. For this reason, I am really excited about the partnership of Land for Wildlife and NACC. Our goals are very well-aligned, and I think we can offer great service to people with bushland on their properties.” – Gillian Stack, Land For Wildlife Coordinator.

For more information about Land for Wildlife in the Northern Agricultural Region, please contact NACC’s Biodiversity Coordinator Jessica Stingemore on or 9938 0106.

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