NACC backs first Aboriginal ranger team in the NAR

Under an innovative trial project recently launched by NACC, the first Aboriginal ranger team has been set-up in the Northern Agricultural Region to carry-out crucial land conservation works in the region.

The trial project has been set-up in a high conservation area east of Perenjori – on Ninghan Station – the only Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) located in the Northern Agricultural Region.

Initial work has included weed management to tackle the highly invasive prickly pear species; helping to complete construction of the local Visitors Centre; removing old fencing; identifying Aboriginal heritage sites; and monitoring rare flora.

Ninham Station land managers Leah, Don and Ashley Bell agreed to trialling the ranger program at the station to help out with some of the activities involved in natural resource management on the IPA site.

NACC Aboriginal Participation Officer Greg Burrows said “as far as we are aware, this is the first Ranger team to be established in the region, and Leah and her family have been extremely supportive of the project, helping-out considerably with the team, and organising work and accommodation, and the like.”

“Over the course of the trial project, in addition to the work already being undertaken, the rangers will also be helping-out with completing Mallee Fowl surveys, identifying additional Aboriginal Heritage Sites, and helping-out at the nearby Mt Gibson Sanctuary.”

This program is supported by NACC, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme. NACC also acknowledges the collaboration of key ranger project partners, including the owners of Ningham Station and Rangelands NRM.


stephen vigilante

just reading nacc notes article – nacc backs first aboriginal ranger team in nar
looks to be a good initiative but there are a few potential inaccuracies in the article
ninghan station is not in the nar it is in the rangelands region based on the nar map on the nacc website
there have been several aboriginal ranger teams in the nar in recent history and potentially more beyond my knowledge and depending on how you define it – i can provide some history of some of those for future reference if required
stephen vigilante

Hi Stephen. Yes, we would appreciate that info. As stated in the article far as we were aware, this was the first Ranger team to be established in the region. We would love to hear about the others you are referring to. Please get in contact with us. Also NACC has an array of great partners working on this project, including Rangelands NRM, and we all quite often work across the blurred boundaries that define our states NRM regions. Thanks again and we look forward to hearing from you.

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