Muddy boots on the ground

NACC CEO Richard McLellan recently got his boots dirty – catching-up with a few of the region’s farmers who are working on sustainable NRM projects in collaboration with NACC.

Accompanied by Perenjori-based Natural Resource Management Officers Jude Cusworth, Lizzie King and Sarah Gilleland, Richard dropped-in on three farmers implementing land conservation projects funded by NACC last week.

First stop was at Rod Desmond’s property, where Rod has undertaken work on his farm southeast of Perenjori – fencing-off, and thus protecting, a large area of remnant bushland on rugged breakaway country. With support from NACC’s “Hidden Treasures” project, Rod has fenced-off the bulk of the bush along the breakaways, and beyond, to protect it from the impacts of grazing livestock.

“It was great to visit the site,” said Richard, “and to see first-hand the conservation and farming benefits that are gained by well-planned and implemented land conservation projects like this one.”

The team also visited two other nearby project sites, where local farmers Geoff King and Malcolm Just have planted fodder shrubs, including Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) and River saltbush (Atriplex amnicola), to reclaim and rehabilitate salt-affected areas on their farms. In both cases, the plantings have been highly successful, with extensive patches of salt-affected land reclaimed, and even enhanced by additional natural recruitment – particularly at Malcom’s site where a variety of native species, including native grasses, are re-establishing themselves.

Richard said the three sites provided great examples of some of the excellent work that is being done throughout the region by environmentally-conscious landholders.

“It was great to get out of the office and spend some time with the Perenjori team, and visit a couple of good local case-studies, and to commend the farmers for their efforts,” he said.
“We saw some great examples of the kind of excellent on-ground achievements and successes that can be gained through us all working together – to address environmental problems or enhance farm assets – individual farmers, local community groups and shires, and organisations like NACC.”

Richard added that one of the highlights of his visit was seeing all of the huge smiles on the faces of the many locals who descended on the Perenjori Hotel on the night of his visit – as more than an inch of rain tumbled-down on the town.

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