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NACC’s popular Photomon App and Database have undergone significant upgrades that will further enhance users’ environmental monitoring results.

Thanks to the addition of a new slide bar which allows for comparison between photos, the app is now more accurate as well as more user-friendly.

The slide bar means photos taken with the standard guide photo can be compared and “sized up” to new photos before they are saved to the database.

A further improvement has been the addition of a coloured tab to indicate which monitoring directions already have registered guide photos available – which is a massive time saver!

The new updates have been applied to the Photomon Database, to make it even easier for project managers to view and compare photos. The procedure for setting guide photos is now much simpler than in the past – with the new upgrade and features added to support viewing photos in the database.

NACC Photomon Services Project Officer Tegan Clarke said that NACC had received considerable positive feedback from other NRM groups in WA  currently trialling Photomon Services.

“Photomon is a great tool to support their projects, simplifying their monitoring efforts whilst improving the quality and accuracy of the results,” she said.

“The feedback that we are receiving from users is that Photomon Services can really assist local organisations and individual volunteers with their environmental monitoring projects.

“And now, after the recent App and Database upgrades, it is the perfect time to enquire about Photomon Services to find-out how to apply it to local landscape and project monitoring.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in finding out more, or taking advantage of the service,” said Tegan.

The latest version of Photomon will be available from the App Store and Google Play very soon.

For more information, please contact Tegan Clarke (e) or (by phone on Wednesdays only) 08 9938 0126.

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