More collaboration in Moora

The latest NACC staff member to relocate from the organisation’s head office to elsewhere in the region is Natural Resource Management Officer (NRMO) Heather Legge – who recently made the move from Geraldton to Moora, where she is now based in the offices of the Moore Catchment Council.

Heather, who has been with NACC for more than two years, has previously worked in both Perenjori and Geraldton.

Heather Legge with members of the community.
Heather Legge with school children and members of the community.

“Just as I loved living and working in Perenjori, I have loved it here in Geraldton,” said Heather, “but I am very excited about the next chapter in Moora.

“In Geraldton I’ve really enjoyed working with  local farmers, community groups, and shires on a range of collaborative projects. We’ve achieved some great on-ground outcomes, with each party contributing in different ways.

“Working at NACC’s head office has allowed me to be more involved with different parts of what NACC does, so I have learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to applying these skills to my work in Moora and am really excited at being back out in the region.”

The relocation opportunity has been made possible through a collaborative partnership between NACC and the Moore Catchment Council (MCC), where Heather said she is also excited to be working alongside MCC’s NRMO Rachel Walmsley.

“Rachel is a well-known local. She’s great at her role and I’m sure we’ll be able to create some great NRM outcomes together,” Heather said.

Heather said she most enjoyed working directly with famers and community members and watching plans turn into real on-ground achievements, especially where outcomes are “win-win” for both farmers, the community and the environment.

NACC CEO Richard McLellan extended his thanks to MCC for their role in making Heather’s new placement possible.

“We’ve had a long-standing and productive partnership with the MCC,” he said, “which dates back to when we were first established 20 years ago.

“So it’s great to have one of our staff back in the same offices as the MCC, working together towards common sustainable natural resource management outcomes.

“We’ve got a huge amount of respect for the MCC, and their dedicated staff and members, and thus are really looking forward to us collectively achieving some great accomplishments in the Moore catchment as a result of our strengthened collaboration.”

Heather is now settled into her new town and office, and can be reached on  9653 1366, 0427 989 112 and

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